About The Association

About The Association

About the Association: 

The Dubai-based UAE Inventors & Innovators Association was established in 2019.  The UAE Inventors Association is one of the organization of inventors, innovators, artificial intelligence and scientific research in the UAE. The Association support knowledge, development and protection of inventor’s rights and represent them globally.  

The association main activities includes supporting volunteering in invention, to spread awareness knowledge, to support the national capabilities.

The association also works to develop inventor’s technicality by developing their skills through holding related specialized courses, conferences and exhibitions. The association provides support to the inventors to promote their inventions and support them through Media, technically and legally.

Our Vision: 

To be the best globally, in terms of adopting scientific and practical ideas that serve our society in all fields. Thus, achieving the scientific ambition of inventors and innovators on the ground and reaching distinction. 

Our Mission: 

We are in the process of creating a national system for inventors, innovators and a national record that motivate Inventors to encourage them to convert their creative ideas into an investment to serve the community.

Our Values & Objectives :

  1. To focus on inventor’s role in society, by making it an example and to find young leaders and inventors in all fields.

  2. Create a national registry and awards system in various fields of invention to motivate innovations in the nation.  
  3. Supporting preparation, development and training programs for members specialized in inventing, with development and investment of inventions by them or in partnership with others. 
  4. Providing consultations to non-governmental and governmental bodies in the fields of inventions.
  5. Issuing specialized media materials to spread knowledge and awareness in the field of invention and innovation.
  6. Adopting specialized scientific programs to qualify young people to innovate and invent, that benefits humanity and in cooperation with educational institutions, related parties and other concerned official bodies and to represent UAE Inventor Association in international forums.